In many countries in the world, women are looked down upon It is more difficult for them to get some work than men In order to get a job, they sometimes have to tell a lie That#39s unfair In f。

男女平等英文equality of men and women 同义equality of men and womenMen and women are equalsequality between the sexes男女平等,两性平等例句 1Jeans were the first trousers to put women and men。

So, it#39s clear that men and women should be equalIt#39s part of the law of nature现在,我们还有很多争论是否应该平等对待男人和女人在我看来,这是不言而喻的,男人和人类是平等的首先,男人和女人天生就是。

women think lose Sven In life a man full of male chauvinism, women have no socalled small woman These are natural acquired in the home position inequality, some men are superior to women, women better。

The Law on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Women, which was amended in 2005, stipulated that quotgender equality is a basic national policyquot2005年修改的quot妇女利益权力保护quot法律中,规定了quot性别平等是基本。

to intensify the flack of the system and publicity of information ,to set entrance conditions scientifically so as to realize the equality of employing chance of all persons ,to reform the procedure of employing。


Be equal between men and women now?If the question is asked in the ancient ,the answer must be noThe quality between men and women can#39t be impossible and we all know the women have lower status。

Abstract Pays attention unprecedentedly how in the current international society to develop the female integrates the social development always to plan, further improves when the feminine status, feminine social。

According to south Korean law 1 To apply for paternity leave for spouse have children, can give a five day vacation, the first three days is paid vacation 2 Since the spouse and son more than 30。



不平等,不公正 7 Motivate v 激励,推动 中文翻译 标题爱的力量 爱是一种强大的情感,它有能力改变人们的生活和改变世界它可以把人们聚集在一起,治愈关系,并创造一种统一感爱有克服仇恨愤怒和恐惧的力量,它可以。

Courage Knows No Gender 勇气没有男女之分拟人Soccer Kicks Off Violence 足球开踢拳打脚踢双关3采用翻译权衡手法 当一些英语新闻标题在翻译成中文时不能完整表达其意义时,可以根据英语新闻标题的字面意思。

操作设备戴尔电脑 操作系统win10 操作软件浏览器 1 打开百度搜索框,如下图所示2输入“百度翻译”关键词,如下图所示3在文字框里输入要翻译的文字,如下图所示4 选择要翻译成的语言,如下图所示。


英文是Five thousand years of Chinese civilization in the history of the development, the quotharmonyquot is the highest of traditional Chinese culture pursuit quot父慈子孝, husband and wife Sophie, harmonious。

76 It is impossible to identify and isolate an “English” culture that is common to all the speakers of English那是不可能的鉴别和隔离一个“英语”的文化,所有的演讲者是常见的英语77 A President should。

翻译Respect president, ladies gentlemenIn view of the Asian business, European Union passed a new strategyTherefore we supervise the European Union member nation and the Asian country high efficiency cooperation。